Really Hurtful Surgery to My Self Proclaimed Image..

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SURGERY is a blessing to those who are overweight and trying to lose weight. Overweight people are not the guilty ones because the food industry is so messed up in their greed for profits that they have bought up all the politicians and feeding people sugar laden foods all the time and there is sugar in almost everything and they are making you cross the limit for sugar intake every day and you are powerless to the food and your hunger and you should really get the things going because you are trying to get over the sugar for the purpose of keeping it safe and keeping it real in the weight level because you should always try to live healthy and that is why you should always choose the low fat home grown and prepared at home foods and that is also tasty with all the vegetables like organically grown tomatoes and cabbages and other stuff are really very good source of food stuff and you should really get the things going because you are what they call fatty and that is not cool because there are so many things that can ruin your other than your weight because you are trying to get the essence of life through various means and you should also try a different path because being fat or thin doesn’t really measure up to anything and if you are close to your heart and listen to it then you can hear the inner voice that is saying you what to do and you should do things like that because otherwise there are causes that will lead to the demise of you and you sure don’t want that.

Tulsa Mommy Makeover Surgeons says that you need a plan for yourself and that is not just the workout plan because you can work out a lot and change your body but if you really want change in your life then you should really get the vibe or buzz of life going because without the true need to show something to yourself you cannot get the things you want the most from life and that is a great thing because there are so various things that you should carry with you to the end of your journey through earth and living life for a fraction of time in the expanse of space-time that is so invisible that you got no time to worry about anything and go on with your life with the things that are perfectly laid out for you and for exercise you can use a lot of things which will help you go through life and later you can get Surgery and workout for 25 minutes and get the perfect muscle you need easily.

IVF is a New Way to Do Baby Reproduction

Baby reproduction is a very natural process from the very past and the starting of this world. So childbirth process should be considered as the oldest natural process in this earth.

I am a gynecologist in USA. I work in a hospital regularly. I love to work here. This hospital is aside the lake. And I see the shore from my room every day.

When I am free or I am in my lunchtime, I enjoy being here too much. I enjoy working and watching babies and the happiness of a mother during their pregnancy. Every mother loves her child unconditionally. They bonding of a child starts from the womb of mother. The mother can understand and feel every bit of the child’s heart. Anyway, I was a fresh graduate when I joined in this hospital. I was still unmarried when I came here. I loved working here because all of the seniors and other doctors were very much friendly. I used to watch the patients with the senior doctors after joining.

One day while I was walking through the passages of the hospital, I heard a noise inside a room. I completed my duty that night and I was returning to my home. I was stopped in front of the room where the sound was coming from. I was confused and astonished too. I had nothing in my mind. It was late night that is why there were people in less number.

I did not become afraid and I went to open the gate of that room. that room was locked as per I knew daily. I opened that gate and saw nothing. But when was returning to the gate to be outside of that room, someone grabbed me tight and he took me inside and locked the door. I was stunned to say a word even. It was complete darkness and I saw nothing but realized it was a man. He blinded me and locked my mouth with a napkin. He pushed an injection into me. And soon I was fainted. I could not remember anything from that night. I gained my sense and sensed that something very bad happened to me. That man raped me so hard that I was bleeding.

I watched the room was locked from outside. I was in so much pain. I lost my baby because of that rape. Then I started focusing on In Vitro Fertilization with and after some day, I took that for me.