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Red Wine Helps With Bone Health


Believe me, the next time you’re toasting red wine you’ll hear yourself saying “to bones”. Wine health benefits on the human body have been studied for years. Wine has been known to affect circulation and help prevent heart attacks, yet studies show that wine also has an effect upon BMD.

Bone Mineral DensityBone mineral density consists of a combination of minerals, such as calcium, in the bones that consequently measure bone strength. Constituents in wine help to strengthen bone density. Research shows that it’s not the inherent alcohol that’s providing benefits, but it likely that phytochemicals, naturally found in grape skins, contribute positively to bone tissue.

This is the reason that red wine will strengthen bone density more than white wine. The process of wine making involves juice contact with grape skins. Red wine gets it’s color from contact with grape skins, while white wine is made without much involvement from grape skins, this also explains the lack of bright or dark colors.

A Framingham study conducted between 1995 and 1999 had subjects report how much wine, beer or spirits they drank each week and were categorized for a 4 year period in order to test some wine health benefits. There were non-drinkers, people having either up to half a serving each day, one to two wine servings and more than to servings per day.

The best results were recorded at intakes of one to two servings of wine or beer each day. Drinking more than two servings per day had less impact and suggests heavy drinking related deficits. People averaging less than one drink per day showed slight increases in BMD compared to non-drinkers.

Bone CellLiquor drinkers, independent from consumption level, showed no significant change compared to non-drinkers. This result shows that clever usage of red wine will help strengthen the bones and, in turn, ensure less problems from diseases such as osteoporosis.

As people advance in age bone mineral density begins to dwindle and the risk of developing osteoporosis is significantly higher. While in healthy adults the benefits of thicker bone density might not be apparent people over 50 years old consistently show weaker bones and run a high risk of developing osteoporosis.

In addition to the bone-strengthening wine health benefits alcohol also provides many other changes. A connection between heavy drinking and an increased amount of fractures has been established a long time ago.

While one to two servings of red wine will increase your bone mineral density excessive use will begin to backfire. High amounts of alcohol consistently hurt bones and circulation, effectively nullifying the benefits of red wine.

Pouring Red WineIt is also common for heavy drinkers to sustain more bone fractures due to falls. It’s hard enough to keep your head moving straight, you will likely have no regard for where exactly you’re falling.

Red wine will have a much greater effect on bone structure than white wine since the exposure to grape skins is much higher. Drink in moderation and benefit from long term bone strength. Now do you see yourself shouting “to bones”?