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What are the white keys on my piano all about??


Today we will be learning about the white keys, treble clef note names and bass clef note names on your piano or keyboard. Stick with me! This is fast and easy to learn and will prepare you for the next level of advancement in your musical journey!


There are only seven (7) letter names used on the piano:


It is interesting to note here that no matter what instrument you play,
whether it is piano, tuba or violin, ONLY the seven letter names above
are used in the entire realm of music!

There are two very easy ways to visualize and remember the names of
the white keys on your piano and keyboard. Remember, the note names on an electronic keyboard are the same as on the acoustic piano.

Since it is not possible to include a graphic in this format, simply remember that the ‘CDE’ note groups in always located directly underneath the two black note group. The letter name ‘D’ in the white key always located directly inbetween the two black key note groups. ANY TWO BLACK NOTE GROUP on the piano has the letter name ‘D’ as the white key located inbetween them.

Go to your keyboard NOW and start to play all of the C-D-E groups
from the lowest (bottom left) to the highest (top right) on your
keyboard. Say C – D – E as you play each key. Now you know fully HALF of all music notes in the entire music universe!

Now we will learn about the F – G – A – B note groups. Simply located any three black note group on your piano or keyboard and realize that the F-G-A-B white keys are located directly beneath them. Directly outside of the three black note groups are ‘F’ on the left hand side of the three black note group and ‘B’ on the right hand side of the three black note group. Just fill in the outer ‘F’ and ‘B’ with G and A and you are done!

Go to your piano or keyboard NOW and find all of the F-G-A-G white keys underneath each three black note group. As above, play slowly and evenly saying the letter names as you play the F-G-A-B groups from the bottom of the piano or keyboard (low left hand end) to the top of your piano or keyboard (top right hand end).

Congratulations! You now know ALL of the white key names on the piano!


Both the Treble and Bass clefs each have five lines and four spaces. Learning the actual note names of each line and space (the spaces between each line) is very simple. Please memorize the sentences below for the Treble Clef Line and Space Notes.:

Treble Clef Line Notes(starting from the bottom line and moving up)
Every Good Boy Does Fine (the first letter of each word helps you remember the order of the notes)

Treble Clef Space Notes (starting from the first space and going up)
Just remember that the treble clef spaces spell the word ‘FACE’.

Bass Clef Line and Space Notes are as follows:
Line Notes: GBDFA
Great Big Dogs Fight Animals
Space Notes: ACEG
All Cars Eat Gas

Now you know all the names of the white keys on your piano or keyboard. You also learned today the actual letter names of each line and space on both the treble and bass clefs.

That was fun and easy, wasn’t it? The last ten minutes of your life have vastly improved by just taking the time to BEGIN.